Ratna D Pradhan

Himalayan Light – a showcase of my photographic work in the Himalayas.

Photographing in the Himalayas over the past 45 years has meant many things to me. It has been an occupation, a career, and my heritage, but most of all it has been my pleasure and my passion. My travels and expeditions in the region have given me the opportunity to capture the magic of the landscape, its people and customs on film, and at the same time, enabled me to be where I loved to be the most. The portfolios in this website represent much more than just a documentary record, for me these images embody the emotion, spirit and magic that is the Himalayas.  I hope viewing my work provides you with the same exquisite experience.

While you are visiting, discover the story of Das Studio, our family business which was founded by my grandfather, and where, over time, my family members – father, uncles, brothers, cousins and I – have lived and worked. Take a look through my father’s rare collection of  historical photographs of Darjeeling from the late 1800’s through to the 1920’s.  Then explore our own collection of photographs of the region, taken by us from the 1930’s to the present day.

Enjoy your visit.

Ratna Pradhan

Site updated: 9th March 2014

Ratna Das Pradhan

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