Ratna D Pradhan


Ratna Pradhan was born in the Himalayan town of Darjeeling with a unique photographic heritage. His grandfather had established the world renowned Das Studio of Darjeeling in 1927.  During his childhood, Ratna’s father Durga Das Pradhan was at the helm of the family business during an exciting period when colour photography had just been introduced to the world at large. Ratna’s exposure to professional photography, as well as a direct hands-on access to a wide variety of professional photographic equipment and processes during his early years, provided a natural but solid platform on which his passion for his art developed.

Ratna’s other passion, which ties in well with his photography, is the outdoor life. He loves hiking, camping and exploring in the foothills of the Himalayas which was literally in his backyard. After completing his college education, he enrolled in a mountaineering course at the Himalyan Mountaineering Institute (HMI Darjeeling). His instructors included the famous Tenzing Norgay, Nawang Gombu, Dorjee Lhatoo &  N.Tashi. Ratna was invited to lecture on Himalayan Photography to all the students attending couses at the HMI, a task he undertook for almost 5 years.  He also assisted as the Chief Instructor of the North Point Adventure Courses for a number of years. In 1980 he was invited to join a climbing expedition to Kamet & Abi Gamin in the Garhwal Himalayas as the photographer and was one of the successful summiteers.

Ratna has undertaken countless photographic expeditions in the Himalayas which have resulted in the images on this site. Although all the photographs here are  in colour, a huge body of Ratna’s work is in large format black & white, hugely infulenced by Ansel Adams and his technique of Zone Control.  He is presently working on collating these images to include in his digital portfolio.

Today he lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Chris and daughters Maddy Priya & Anna Lakshmi. They often travel back to Darjeeling and other regions of the Himalayas to visit.

Ratna near Annapurna Sacntuary

Ratna below the Annapurna Sanctuary in Central Nepal

Camp 3, Kamet

Camp 3, Kamet



Ratna Das Pradhan

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